Space Slot Game Reviews

NetEnt-Space-Wars-Slot1Space Wars: for anyone looking for options to play free slots games in the UK, there are much worse choices than to have a look at Betsson’s online casino and in particular Space Wars by Net Entertainment. The game is fresh, fun and as the title suggests has a space and alien theme. Although the title suggests marauding hordes of destruction-bent aliens, those that the symbols are based on more resemble Despicable Me minions. Even those with angry expressions are more comical than threatening.

The game is a non-progressive five reel slot game with 40 pay lines. The symbols consist of the minioney-looking aliens in a range of bright colours and ‘wild’ symbols which unlock multipliers and bonus rounds. There’s also a number of bonus features such as stacked wilds win spins. The music has a bit of a Star Wars feel to it and thumps along in the background to add a bit of atmosphere.

In the free play version you start with a pot of £3000 to play with, a single spin costing from £0.40 to a maximum of £20 depending on how you set the coin value. You can also lower the graphics settings to improve performance if you have a poor internet connection. When you win a zap of lightning-like lazer connects your winning combinations, provoking comedic expressions of pain in the poor little aliens that have just been zapped.

Space Race: another slot game with a free play mode this game’s theme is based on the actual events of the space race between the USA and USSR, rather than the science fiction of star ships and aliens. The graphics have a bit of a retro feel but that is intentional with the spirit of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s conveyed through symbols which include the Sputnik satellite, an astronaut and the Earth as seen from space. Free spins and Pick Em bonuses provide the gameplay with plenty of variety.

The free play version gives you a balance of £250, with bets ranging from £1 to £25, depending on how aggressive you are feeling. You can choose how many pay lines you wish to play with each spin, up to a maximum of 20. You can also set an autoplay function if you prefer to just sit back and watch. Space Race is a Play n’Go game and can be found on a number of online casinos including Betsson, Bet365 and EmuCasino.