Galatron Review

tfcl_galv1Galatron is a four-player based combat game, with the players either all human or a mix of human and computer-generated opponents and is essentially played out over a number of rounds until one player is left standing. The setting is an undetermined region of space littered with planets, asteroids and a number of other space objects such as abandoned spaceships, satellites and other space debris.

There isn’t any backstory provided and the aim of the game is simply to be the last player remaining when the dust settles. And if you are the final combatant surviving after the other three have been reduced to space junk, your reward is to start all over again. Every time you do emerge victorious though you will be able to repair any damage to your spaceship, as well as be able to gradually upgrade.

You are able to choose your protagonist from one of three alien races. As might be expected from such a relatively limited range, one of the alien species has the fastest ship, though with the least powerful artillery, the slowest of the three packs the strongest punch from its laser cannons and the third is a compromise between agility and firepower. However, as you progress and add upgrades to your ship and weapons this evens out as you will be naturally drawn to focusing improvements on your initial weaknesses.

Gameplay is fun and addictive and provides a good balance between skill in manoeuvring your craft and the tactics which you employ. Brains and cunning are certainly rewarded so you can achieve victory either by the deftness of your control of your spaceship or by out-thinking your opponents. The most successful players will of course combine both.

The game can either be played in single-player campaign mode, where you progress through 50 levels of increasingly difficult computer-generated opponents, or in skirmish mode. Personally I find the skirmish mode the more fun. You can either play online with other players, with friends in the same location, or a mixture of both. The gameplay in skirmish mode reminds me a little of the classic Bomberman in its nature. The one frustration of skirmish games is that you cannot save your ship so all upgrades which you have made are lost each time you stop a game.

A simple game with good, fast and addictive gameplay. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not and as mentioned reminds of a spaceship-themed Bomberman in many ways.