Alien-themed Free Slot Game Reviews

thumbAlien Robots: this is a game which represents the very best in top-end graphics that we are coming to expect from Net Entertainment slots. For those who like to play slots for free without gambling with real money, Net Entertainment’s offerings almost always provide a free play mode, with Alien Robots no exception.

You start the game through a funky welcome screen that demonstrates the bright cartoon graphics that continue into the symbols on the reels. Alien robot dogs to flying, trundling and rolling robots all in colourful combinations make-up the symbols, complimented by numbers, letters and flying saucer ‘scatter’ icons.

In free play you start with a kitty of £5000 and can tailor the level of your bets between a minimum of £0.60 and maximum of £12, if all pay lines are activated. This can go down to £0.01 if you only leave the central payline active. Free spins are won if anywhere between 3 and five flying saucers are present on your reels and the Martian acts as a wildcard, completing any combinations you might be just short of otherwise. You can find Alien Robots on a good selection of online casinos which carry Net Entertainment games.

Aliens: another Net Entertainment game, Aliens is a slot game themed on the second the classic movie franchise. While Alien Robots has a cartoony, colourful and fun design, Aliens has a far more dark and sinister mood, in keeping with the sci-fi horror genre of the movies it is based on. The music adds to the eerie atmosphere and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The game is based on levels and the longer you play the more you will pass through. Each level is based on a different scene from the move and the background, symbols and music change with each level. There are plenty of short bonus rounds to mix things up as well which switch the gameplay to a shooter where you walk along spaceship corridors blasting aliens. It’s quite unusual for a slot game to add in this kind of bonus game not based on slots but it works really well.

Aliens is a 5-reel and 15 pay line game. The fifteen lines are fixed though so you are not able to reduce them. As with most Net Entertainment free play modes, you start with £5000 in the bank and can adjust your bets from between £0.15 and £15.