Space Shooter for Two Bucks Summary and Reviews

Since the very first video games appeared in the early Eighties, with the cult-classic Space Invaders at the vanguard, spaceship-themed shoot-em-ups have been amongst the most popular. There seems to be something inherently appealing to gamers in taking the controls of a spaceship and blasting into pieces hordes of destruction-bent alien invaders. The popularity of spaceship and alien games no doubt has its roots in the genre of literature and movies that came out in the Seventies and Eighties, include War of the Worlds and the first Alien movie.

This game is exactly what it says on the tin. Players take control of the protagonist, Commander P.Jefferson, and take to the expanses of space to shoot it out with the fleet of an alien invasion. It’s not complicated, or sophisticated but it is certainly fun. The makers also clearly have a wicked sense of humour which is apparent throughout the games.


PlayStation Punter: for what you actually get Space Shooter for Two Bucks is a real bargain. The game clearly demonstrates that the makers have taken Ratchet and Clank and Mega Man as inspirations in the way that the games are humorously referenced and qualities such as taking with you and using the weapons of level bosses you manage to defeat. The game is actually quite long and challenging and frankly I’ve bought full-price premium games for the PlayStation that I’ve enjoyed less. There is definitely an element of ‘under promise and over deliver’ meaning that the game easily pleases as a result of being so cheap. In terms of its pure value to enjoyment ratio Space Shooter is a fantastic buy.

Videogame Talk: apart from the fact that the price is obviously a winner, Space Shooter for Two Bucks is good fun. The humour is a little hit and miss but I guess that is mainly a question of taste and if you like black humour you might appreciate it. For me it was a little close to the bone at times and certainly isn’t for the more sensitive of souls. Otherwise it is a fast, furious and addictive game and while players may initially be sceptical of its simplicity against the background of the kind of sophisticated games we have gotten used to they will subsequently find themselves compulsively replaying levels they have failed. In that way it can compared to Angry Birds and if you want a new game for your PlayStation mini and are a bit strapped for cash before your next paycheck, this could be the answer. Give it a go, for two dollars, pounds or euro you can’t really go wrong and you will most probably be pleasantly surprised.